Do You Have a Minute?

by Hugh F

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Co-Star 00:53
Just as long as I can see the horizon There'll be nothing stopping me from getting back to you And if you're not there I'll keep on walking I do anything just to avoid bad news I'd climb Mt. Fuji I dive in too deep I burn out so fast But maybe we should give up Cos I checked your Co-Star And it says things that I would not remark
Castle Hill 00:59
Castle Hill You've got The beauty To bring these Beaten bodies to their feet So get on out... And we will bestow The benefit of the doubt To our walking shoes Cos we love you
Money Man 00:56
Where have you been money man? Where have you been? Please take my hand oooo
There's a man out on the road He's sleeping in the depot I see him everyday I see him meditate In the morning sun I guess that he's seen better days But I won't let it bring me down He's probably doing alright He sleeps in a bag of down On all those cold winter nights To all you nine-to-five's with all your clip-clop fancy shoes I guess there's Something to be said about having Nothing to lose There's a man out on the road With a multitude of heavy loads I guess we all express our sorrow
I'm not a deadbeat I'm challenged by my friends I fall in love But only at the day's end Oh love, my heart is entered in your contest Give me a start you'll find that I will not rest I've got so much to do but I Just sit and read instead So there you go I might be a deadbeat But I'm not dead
I'm not your father But give him a call He's probably waiting by the phone Because we all die And don't wanna do it alone Oh love, my heart Is drunken on the thought of you and me But it will never be
Diving into Some fantasy I will see what I wanna see Until I get bitten Until I get grilled How am I to fall for days And wake up With my head on straight Singing a different tune And feeling new And feeling the need you give you all this love Is the last thing on my mind When I'm trying to forget you And people believe that everything's just fine But you're not on their mind
Bedroom Sit 01:00
I miss you I miss the true you But what would I really know about you? Well I'm Waiting on you I'm waiting for you to realise how Much you could use Being free from the enemy inside your own head Being able to sleep comfortably in someone else's bed Coming 'round to realise that every tale has two sides And that the world is not as crazy as it seems But what would I know?
When we play these games I know one of us will feel the hurt But what else is there to entertain us in this Winter city girl? You've got your friends I guess I've got my friends too But that is different to making love in the middle of the afternoon When you left I waited in the desert of my mind Of which is now an oasis of the tears I could not hide I'm so alone With my family on the phone I'm poor as hell With my shelter and my good health So I'm doing fine With my book and my drink And I'll walk that line To what the future brings
Family are the friends you choose And so important is the choice of food This table here is set for four But sometimes entertainment calls for more At my door Don't know whether to make A tuna bake Or apple pie Or lemon cake What are you allergies? You dietaries? Do you prefer Vietnamese? And If you come around about an hour earlier To help us stay in tune Then I know friends are the family I choose
Scrambled eggs are easy Scramble eggs are cheap In the morning To get you on your feet Mix it with some milk into a yellow Till it comes together slow Secret to success is that you never want it overdone You know
Two of Us 00:59
Next time you throw me under that bus Make sure that you make sure it's the Two of us I can't afford to go without you by my side Meeting all the marks on your criteria Waiting for a spark that's gonna pick me up Something tells me that your head is in the clouds The two of us would make each other proud
When I'm trying to explain Something strange just gets in the way I made it work in my head Haven't found a way into yours yet So go on Leave me here Every day has a sunset
Connie didn't listen And she left me in the middle of night Connie didn't listen Put her money to a one-way flight She was doing fine All she needed was a bit more time Oh Connie, please Please take care You've got your friends You've got none there They're gonna turn you to a big star They're gonna eat your heart Put you on a snake-pit tight-rope So if you're getting tired of the wide road Connie there's a key under the brick behind my back door
Be Still 00:56
Trying to tie yourself up in so many ways Friendships by the wayside with a full plate With all due respect, I guess I just wanna know why you agreed To do So many things at once At least you're not sitting in a cold cave Counting all your blessings with the dark days Hey, do you want to come out? Sorry, gotta tune my anger out Still Be still
I can't get to sleep Maybe it's the things I read about you All alone, sitting on my phone Maybe it's a memory of something that you said to me Maybe it's a forty-foot container anxiety But I guess I've got tomorrow And as I acquiesce To a day of tired stress I think about you And all the things we used to do Maybe I made a big mistake Maybe there is another way Counting sheep cos I can't choose my fate
Well I sold my soul to this quiet, lazy life Signed away my youth until I'm old Just to find that all of this proverbial strife Was a way to feed that dog inside that hole And as soon as I heard that you left for the States I had realised what I'd become Just an unreliable fool in a cape And I'm not sure if this can be undone
Well, the bottom of the aeroplane wing is flat And the top of the aeroplane wing is Rounded So when the air hits the front of the wing And splits The air going over the top Has to go a greater distance than the air under the wing At the back of the wing The air Comes together and meets again But As the air goes over the top of the wing It goes faster Because it goes greater distance And under the wing it goes slower Air over the top of the wing going faster - The molecules are further apart And as the molecules are further apart there's less air pressure So there's a lower air pressure on top of the wing And with more dense molecules under the wing there's a higher air pressure And the higher air pressure under the wing Pushes the wing upward Thank you
I got grand designs I got parking fines And when the air is getting cold you'll find me at Coles It's twenty-six degrees So I'll pick the weeds Mumma got me working under the trees Digging all my holes I wanna go out with a banging rock n roll song sing-along when I die Work hard, feel good about my life so I don't need to cry Then I come back as a little bird and say Thank you for the worms today A lesson learned is a good time come my way
The Sims 2 00:58
Overload 00:59
Funny how everything's alright when we hit the road Guess I chose to carry myself to and overload Why is everything in the morning harder? Wanna work on loving you But it's just like running through A stampede field with a million horses Trying to find their truth I know you want a fresh start Maybe you wanna go to Mars Remember to love and criticise yourself for who you are Funny how everything's alright when we hit the road Guess I chose to carry myself to and overload
Fix My Feet 00:56
Harry won't you help me fix my feet? I feel like a goose Downtown Chicken Street I put off seeing you When I was in Adelaide Only to see my brother on Holidays Harry I think I should tell my friends about you There's nothing better in the world that I would put my money to So I hope that you know You've got a solid flow in the gifts that you give to the world To all the boys and girls
R: Hello Margaret M: Hello Ronnie R: Listen M: Yes? R: There's something we need to talk about. I know you've been taking my eggs from the fridge. I would appreciate it if you asked first. M: Ok, I'm so sorry I have been taking your eggs, But you never change the toilet roll. Why don't you do it? I only takes like three seconds. And not to mention you are always bringing people around at like 2am on a Wednesday night. R: Well, I work weekends so you are just going to have to deal with it. M: Oh my goodness... I can't believe it. I take one egg and you kick up a fuss about it, when you are being so inconsiderate. R: Well.. Maybe we should take some time out and talk about things when we are not so angry at each other. M: Ok, fine then. Bye. R: Bye-bye.
Measure Up 00:58
Measure up All of your decisions With a hard glance looking in the mirror Could I make myself any clearer? Measure up Looking at your Insta Does it really, really matter to you? What did I just forget to do? I'm at the park I get a soda I hear the grass Whisper about a girl I'm feeling vintage With all these hip kids With David by my side And he's a real guy So I will measure up And be a stupid boy I'm spending too much working on my fake life Just to get a like
I'm short and sweet I'm home in my room I'm short and sweet
Goodbye 01:01
mystery robot child voice
Don't you wanna be a part Of the future with your friends Killing yourself is awfully hard For the people that you love Maybe I don't know what you love But I know that you forgot I can assure you that you will remember
There is a certain gap That frustrates and divides us That sometimes blurs all the people that we trust We can try to relax And stop being so angry But it comes on back And just leaves us empty From dusk till dawn Our minds cannot stay calm Of no apparent avail It seems that we have failed But amid the things that I had forgotten There's one thing that's not surprising It's that the sun just keeps on rising
Hillside 00:56
There is a woman up the street That when I think of her I need To throw down my feelings of love Because she doesn't buy bullshit stories Co-Star is telling me I'm crazy Thank God for scientific ladies So scared to settle down fast I do and I don't want to get to that point at last


released November 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Hugh F Yackandandah, Australia

Songs about animals, food, and family.

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